Creative Services

Many associations have discovered (sometimes the hard way) that when it comes to creative services, beauty really is only skin deep. Our award-winning graphics and multi-media design specialists understand that both form and function are essential for developing communication pieces that work. They blend the latest technology with proven design principles to develop high-impact materials that are artistic and useful.

We seamlessly coordinate communication initiatives across media to ensure that our clients achieve a consistent brand identity. In addition to extensive creative capabilities, Agentis also houses programming expertise that enables enhanced electronic functionalities.

Because the Agentis design team works in tandem with other assigned association staff, we are able to ensure that designed deliverables are consistent with each client’s vision.

Agentis offers the following creative and multimedia services

  • Development, programming and support for online initiatives including websites, webinars and e-publications
  • Graphic design
  • Materials content development
  • Comprehensive hosting capabilities for web hosting, online surveys and list serves
  • Creation, development and implementation of multimedia programming
Government Affairs

Each government affairs program that we oversee is designed to enhance client goals and objectives. We are sensitive to the fact that each client’s passions center upon a unique set of issues, and therefore assigned government relations staff must be highly specialized in order to be effective. For this reason, Agentis strategically relies on a combination of in-house and outsourced government affairs specialists to provide clients with comprehensive resources to support their individual public policy and advocacy efforts.

Agentis offers the following government affairs services:

  • Coordinate public policy/advocacy effort coordination and management
  • Legistrative/Regulatory environmental scanning
  • Legislative issues reporting
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Conferences and events present the most important networking and educational opportunities for association members, and also typically represent the largest organizational revenue streams. Agentis recognizes that an association’s perceived value among constituents rests almost entirely on the cost and quality of its conferences. That’s why all of Agentis’ meeting planning services are overseen by a Certified Meeting Professional with more than 15 years of conference management experience.

Agentis flawlessly manages every phase of client meetings, from conference theme conception to post-event evaluation. We employ skilled meeting coordinators, who are experienced in convention logistics, educational programming development, marketing and registration management. We also maintain an extensive network of industry contacts that allow us to maximize client resources when negotiating with hotels and ancillary vendors.

In addition to live meeting management expertise, Agentis is also a proven leader is providing innovative virtual and e-learning solutions that allow client members to interact electronically.

Agentis offers the following conventions, meetings, and exhibition management services:

Programming and Education

  • Program content development
  • Speaker solicitation and management
  • Educational materials development
  • Tracking and recording of continuing education credits
  • Virtual and e-learning solutions

Logistics Management

  • Contract negotiations and management
  • Site selection
  • Material preparation and distribution
  • Conference registration management
  • Housing management
  • Sponsorship recruitment and management
  • Conference material production
  • On-site management
  • Conference outcomes reporting
  • Management of ancillary vendors and services
  • Exhibition recruitment, registration, floor mapping and operations
Executive Management

An association executive serves as the most critical staff resource within an organization. Because he or she is responsible for carrying out the strategic objectives identified by the board, managing daily operations and representing the association to its publics, finding the right executive is fundamental to the success of any association.

Agentis is dedicated to recruiting and deploying association executives that are best-suited to the needs of our clients. Our team carries more than a century of association management experience that includes specific expertise in the areas of conference planning, educational programming, marketing, research and fundraising.

Our above-and-beyond culture attracts association executives that move beyond strategy execution to encompass the spirit and ideals of the clients we serve. Under the direction of our client-partners, our association executives manage financial, administrative, communication and business functions in an environment that ensures acumen, accountability and the highest ethical standards.

Agentis executive management services include:

  • Organizational oversight
  • Operations management
  • Board management
  • Leadership support and development
  • Strategic and tactical planning
  • Standards development