Creative Benefits Can Attract Sponsors for Your Association

Sponsorship is one of the biggest revenue generators for an association event. Associations must perform a crucial balancing act between keeping sponsors happy, and ensuring that your event does not appear to be too heavily influenced by corpoate donors.

Agentis has worked with many clients on developing creative ways to promote their sponsor partners during their events, outside of the typical tradeshow environment.

While all conferences typically feature stand-up signage, there are other options to show off your sponsors. Window clings placed prominently on glass doors and windows provide a more customized, personal touch than the traditional vertical foamcore signage. Floor decals can be printed and die-cut for an eye-catching promotional option that is sure to attract attention; decals can be placed strategically to lead your attendees to specific onsite events.

Consider holding an exclusive cocktail reception for sponsor representatives to meet with your Board of directors or other key decision-makers within your association.

Offer sponsors the opportunity to contribute an article to your association's newsletter or website. Be sure to encourage submissions that are informational and not blatantly sales-oriented.

Offer bespoke sponsorship opportunities, with sponsorship of specific give-aways or small attendee gifts. These options can often be priced competitively, making it easier for smaller companies to be able to afford to participate.

Contact Agentis for more information on how to attract sponsors to your upcoming events.