Promotional Videos Can Help Your Association Spread the Word

In this age of shortened attention spans, a short 2 - 3 minute video is sometimes the best way to get your association's message out there. Your target audience can see first-hand the benfits of attending your events, and hear directly from your members on the benefits of joining.

A short video posted to social media can increase website traffic, spread your message, and attract potential members. Many social media services offer the option to share posts to targeted demographics outside your pre-existing base of followers, for a small fee, providing another method to market your association.

However, as technology has made it easy for anyone to quickly record and distribute their message via video, it is crucial to ensure that your video appear polished and professional. Spend the time to discuss your video project with a video production company. While everyone can record video with their phone, often lighting and audio quality is sub-par in such recordings. Costs for professional level recording and editing vary dramatically depending on the experience level of the production company, the number of locations at which filming will take place, and the length of the video.

If a production company is outside of your budget, video editing software provides many post-production options, such as on-screen titles, music, and simple transition effects.