Expert Presentations

The Golden Circle

Stephanie Czuhajewski, CAE, President & CEO, Agentis Management

Yesterday’s inertia will not carry your organization into a successful tomorrow. As we move beyond the information age, associations are struggling to maintain relevance, while their members search for purpose. The only way for associations to succeed in tomorrow’s economy is to stop selling benefits and to start selling beliefs.

This thought-provoking session will show you how to evoke passion and inspire action in your members, by changing the focus from what you do to why you do it. Using concepts from Simon Sinek’s, Start with Why, this session will forever change the way that you think about your members and your mission.

Going Vocal - How to advocate in today's volatile political climate

Rich Meade, Managing Director, Prime Policy Group

Lobbying in today’s political climate is like trying to shingle a house in a hurricane. So what should board leaders do to keep their organizations from getting soaked and to prevent their organizations’ government affairs efforts from being blown off by lawmakers?

Join one of the nation’s leading experts for step-by-step guidance on how to ensure that your voice is heard by federal lawmakers and other policy-shapers that impact national health policy issues. Gain a deeper understanding of the federal legislative process and learn the protocol for developing relationships with government representatives to affect desired change.

The Altered State of Association Convention

Beth Lutkauskas, Director of Account Development, The Americas
Hyatt Hotels Corporation
Jennifer Barnett, Senior Vice-President of Convention Development
Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau
Brian Doty, CMP, Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer
Agentis Management
Matthew Stone, Executive Producer & Director, Event Production
Interactive Media Lab, Inc.

As the national and world economy has recovered from the Great Recession and technology has become commonplace in association conventions, the annual meeting as we know is changing, at times dramatically. This panel will discuss the current conventions landscape along with predictions for the future of the association convention model.

Covering your Assets: Fidelity, Fiduciary Responsibility and Financial Oversite

Lesley Kelly, CPA, McGregor & Company
Harris Darver, CPA, McGregor & Company

Board members of non-profit organizations are legally bound to their fiduciary responsibilities. This transformative session will give attendees a better understanding of the duties of care, loyalty and obedience as it relates to volunteer service. In addition, best practices for checks, balances and mechanisms for financial oversight will be discussed and attendees will walk away with tools to help them protect and advance their organizations through sound governance.

Trends in Continuing Education

Dana J. Frazier, CCMEP, Director, Distance Education/Accreditation
Creative Educational Concepts, Inc.

Transparency and disclosure have been in the forefront of the healthcare sector, forcing continuing education providers to increase scrutiny of their presenters and programs and further separate commercial supporters from educational activity. We will discuss the current requirements and share the changes that may be forthcoming.

What Good Governors Need to Know about Best Practices in Operations

Stephanie Czuhajewski, CAE, President & CEO, Agentis Management
John R. Smith, Vice President, Business Banking, PNC Bank
David Mayo, Agency Manager, Kentucky Farm Bureau
Brian Doty, CMP, Executive Vice President/ Chief Operating Officer, Agentis Management

In your role as governor of a professional organization, you are no doubt aware of your charge to develop long-range objectives, while your staff oversees day-to-day operations. This is absolutely correct — however, in the wake of repeated scandals and increasing scrutiny from government agencies, association volunteers are being held increasingly accountable for oversight of “management” policies and operational outcomes.

This critical session will identify the most important areas requiring board attention and illustrate best practices in operational governance in areas such as banking, contracting, data management, disaster recovery, insurance, technology and staffing.