Why Student Membership is Vital to an Association's Future Success

It’s no secret that students and young professionals are the future of any association. All professional associations must continually attract new recruits in order to cultivate the next generation of leaders.

Increasing student membership in the ranks of your association is a win-win for both the association and the student. For students, the experience provides them with an excellent opportunity to network with professionals in their future field, especially if the association offers a mentoring program. Mentoring provides students with invaluable benefits that they will use throughout their careers. In today’s competitive work environment, networking is imperative to landing a job in your field after graduation. Student members also have access to resources and networking opportunities that can help them as they begin their professional careers. The quality of these resources will ensure that students continue on as full-time members after graduation.

For associations, student membership programs provide early access to future leaders. Also, many associations are dealing with declining membership, and student outreach is a great way to counter this trend. Student members can also assist in identifying needed resources for the association that are desirable for both students and other members.