Why is Web Design Important to your Association's Success?

Your website is often the first thing a potential member sees when they discover your association. Potential sponsors, contributors, or other collaborators will also be visiting your website. It goes without saying that a professional, technologically up-to-date website is crucial to attract new members and potential partners.

The design of your website will often determine how long a potential visitor will stay on the site exploring your content. If your website is poorly designed, looks 10 years out-of-date, and perhaps most importantly, is not smartphone compatible (i.e. "responsive"), new visitors may not take your association seriously, and move on. You may have well-written, relevant content, but a poorly designed website may send visitors the wrong message, that your association is not forward-thinking or professional enough to be taken seriously.

It is a sad truth that for many associations, a high-quality website may be at the bottom of their to-do list, whether it be due to lack of time or lack of funds to redesign an existing site. Agentis Management typically offers new clients a low-cost website upgrade as part of its client transition. Make sure that your AMC is taking your website design seriously, and encourage them to stay up-to-date with design and usability trends.